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Year-Round Pre- and Professional Training: ages 18+

Technique | Classic + Contemporary Rep | Coaching | Audition + Performance Techniques | Improvisation + Musicality

September 13 - December 12, 2021
January 18 - April 8, 2022

LimónPro: September 13 - December 12 |10am – 5pm ET

Dancers will find community via their cohorts, with the Limón Dance Company and Artistic Director, and with Limón master teachers and reconstructors. Emphasis is placed upon the dancer's personal creative voice through solo material and one-on-one mentoring. Exclusive to these dancers, participants will experience private screenings with dancers that bridge the Limón/Contemporary worlds and individualized mentorship with the Company AD. Dancers will learn classic & contemporary languages through a rich and focused unparalleled experience. 


LimónLaunch: January 18 - April 8 |10am – 5pm ET
LimónLaunch is meant for a dancer to deepen and enrich their creative practice and be ready to work with any 21st century choreographer. Training to diversify and make the dancer more marketable will include Improvisation, Composition, Musicality, Limón Principles, Research in the Archives, Dance Reels, Audition Readiness, and a Contemporary work from the Limón Dance Company Repertoire. LimónLaunch has small class sizes and includes special screenings with Limón Alumna and opportunities to perform in an informal setting.

*Certificate Program: September 13 - April 8 

USD $3500 + Registration & Processing Fee

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