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Wed. April 7 @ 1pm ET  -  L2: Inside Out

Thurs. April 8 @ 1pm ET  -  LimónLaunch: Finding Resonance
Fri. April 9 @ 12pm ET  -  L2: Inside Out
Fri. April 9 @ 1:30pm ET  -  LimónLaunch: Finding Resonance


Interruptions or technical difficulties may occur during the performance.
Please note that some disruptions are subject to sources beyond our control.
See below for more information if you experience any difficulties.

When I click Play, I am taken to a different page on the site - help!

This may happen if too many people are trying to access the livestream at the very same time due to volume restrictions on whatever regional server you're connected to - this is out of our and your control and has nothing to do with the strength of your internet connection. The simplest way to solve this is to keep returning to the livestream page, refreshing, and/or trying an alternate web browser, such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Do not fear missing a moment! We will make the recording available through the same webpage for a limited time after the live performance concludes.

What do I do if the stream is choppy or low quality?

Try refreshing the page and/or click the play button to reload. Check that you have a stable internet connection suitable for livestreaming. Audio or visual disruptions are subject to sources beyond our control.

Can I watch on FB live or another source?

No, our live streamed performances can only be viewed via the livestream link:ón-livestream. We will make a recording available for a limited time after the stream.