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Kick-off National Hispanic Heritage Month

Limón4Kids Program

Film Release The Time Is Now

Watch our online event streamed on September 17th that kicked-off National Hispanic Heritage Month with a celebration of José Limón's legacy of 75 years performing around the world. Take a deeper look at our famous Limón4Kids Program and the exclusive film release "The Time is Now", our first production with new Artistic Director Dante Puleio, inspired by Limón's masterpiece There is a Time.


Limón Dance Company looks forward to sharing this historic moment with you.

Due to high demand, this event will be available online for free until the end of the National Hispanic Heritage Month on Thursday, October 15th at midnight ET.

If you have any questions e-mail us:

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National Hispanic Heritage Month

Limón4Kids Program

Film Release: The Time is Now

The Time is Now is an excerpted, genderblind, filmed adaptation of José Limon’s There is a Time. This re-investigation of Limón's masterwork, exploring the cyclical nature of time and human experience, highlights the impacts of social unrest and our media driven reality.”

- Dante Puleio, Artistic Director

“Going full out with the information I had & finding freedom in that, allowed me to dig deeper. Projecting my focus outward really opened my eyes to see and feel beyond my physical self.”

- Eric Parra, Company Member