Lena Lauer

(she / they)
Director of Education & Limón2

As a dance and teaching artist, Lena created and performed work from the Sonoran Desert of the Southwest to the Andes Mountains of South America. She has taught, performed and made dances for universities, inner-city schools, private studios, for adults, youth, the aging, pre-professional dancers, dance enthusiasts and dancers with disabilities. In 2013, Lena co-founded The Lovelies, a 4th-generation dance improvisation company that performs and teaches all over the U.S. Lena’s priorities include mentoring emerging young artists on their individual career path and she is thrilled to be leading Limón2 in its inaugural season.

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The 75th Anniversary of the Limón Dance Company  brings a new legacy for the José Limón Dance Foundation:

Limón2  - The Foundation’s second Company.

Limón2 is dedicated to the development of young professionals for a sustainable career and lasting contributions to the dance world. Limón2 also seeks to generate innovative programming and accessible community engagement.


This inaugural artistic venture brings together young talent, the iconic works of José Limón, along with today’s most exciting up and coming choreographers. The treasured spirit and humanistic legacy of José Limón lives on with Limón2! 

Photo: James Hartley

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Video Editing: Sabrina Olivieri