Limón4Kids teaches powerful, effective techniques that help young people live fully in their bodies and relate to the world around them.


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Limón4Kids is an arts and education program that introduces modern dance pioneer, José Limón, to grades 2 through 12 in New York City. The Limón4Kids program started in 2009 and has quickly developed from serving just 150 students to more than 600 students per year. Schools in Harlem, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, and Rockland County have benefited from this dynamic program which is free of cost to all participants.

Limón’s personal story as a Mexican-American immigrant  introduces the students to such concepts as heritage, community, and identity. The movement classes are used as a tool to help students develop language skills and discuss social issues that may be relevant to their own life journey. The Limón4Kids students will learn famous and culturally rooted works of Limón to gain knowledge of the Limón movement philosophy and dance as an art form. After learning sections of Limón’s choreography, students will be asked to create their own dance, taking into account narrative and core movement phrases.

At the conclusion of the school residency, students will take part in an assembly performance for their classmates, teachers, and parents of the participating school. The students also watch the Limón Dance Company perform.  

Interested in a Limón4Kids residency at your school? 

Contact Director of Education Programs Lena Lauer

at 212-777-3353 ext.13 or email

Photo taken by Terrence D. M. Diable


Photo taken by Terrence D. M. Diable

“When the students finally figured out a complex spatial formation along with challenging musical phrases, they jumped for joy and gave each other high fives.”


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Photo taken by Terrence D. M. Diable

“Being exposed to modern dance and the history of modern dance through the work of José Limón is an irreplaceable experience for my students and school community.”



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